Yateley Climate Action Network (YCAN) new YTC working group.

Watching the Libdems 100% run Yateley Town Council is extremely difficult since not regaining my seat. As the local LibDems morph into the Green Party, who knew 2020 would see the Green Party have more members than the Libdems.
The town council has decided to create a working group for ‘Climate Change’ separate from its Neighbourhood plan talking shop. I mean no offence to the residents involved (they have its lifeblood) but’s taken over three years for the NHP to be now passed over to a consultant. After a rant by a Yateley West district councillor that the Town councillors showed a lack of interest over the time its been running steering groups.
Anyways something good or bad to come out of it is the climate group still monitoring. It doesn’t take a genius to think we have to do something with so many evidential facts around flora still alive in winter and more flash flooding.
Climate change will be a topic I come back to address, as we are all responsible for championing a change in our behaviours. What I observed so far is if you cannot get the basics of the group framework established properly then How you going address the fundamentals of getting change. I wrote to YTC as they broke their own first draft terms of conditions creating the working group adopting a chair In the council Community & Environment committee when the T&C’s said the first group meeting the members of the group would elect the chair. The response was to rewrite the T&C’s, but not correct the issue which is putting a councillor in charge whos only agenda is climate change! Transparency would be to build a group ask for a chairman and then its group’s members vote the best person on skillset. Honestly, working groups are a waste of time if they’re in name as they have no decision-making powers and have to go to back to council committees every time. Libdems have not learned from the NHP working group which lead to parishioners getting frustrated.