Shawn Dickens

-Working all year round for residents

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Shawn is a family man married to Jane and they have three children. All of his children attended Yateley Community School, all now in further education. Shawn, a Business and Technology Professional has a wealth of experience and leads teams of individuals within a multi-national telecommunications organisation and a serving voluntary local Councillor with a combined 17 years experience in local government and previously Yateley School Governor for 4 years. A cool 21 years of volunteering!

A local HART resident, I am committed to protecting the character and quality of life in the diverse communities that make up our area. I also have a shared interest in making sure we get fair treatment in terms of services as part of Hampshire.

With colleagues, I have campaigned to protect local bus services, retain local school places for local children, opposed inappropriate developments and worked with Residents Associations and the Parish Councils on local issues. Many residents also contact me by email, letters and phone for advice, information or to request assistance and it is always satisfying when I am able to help.

In my role as a councillor, I have concentrated on ensuring services are delivering value for money through efficiency and good management to win recognition that HART is one of the best places to live.

With your help and support, I want to get like-minded local people elected, to do similar duties and focus on improving services for children, families and older people and carers who need more support.

This is a great place to live – where people matter more than politics. Let’s keep it that way.

Yours sincerely,

Shawn Dickens.