Recent News

  • 2019: Opportunity, one word. A stronger, fairer HART with real opportunity.

    Interestingly I have four months left in office at HART for Yateley West. 2019 brings personal Opportunity to continue to represent your voice locally at HART should you choose to re-elect me in May. Voicing Yateley matters in urban Fleet fighting for funding to be spent outside Fleet. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year.

  • Yateley Autumn InTouch 2018

    I hope by now you have received in Yateley our local Conservative communication. In the format of a leaflet flyer called Intouch. Well worth a read covering local matters. If you wish us to tackle any local issues please contact me.

  • Shawn visits ‘BIG BROTHER’ HART shared services CCTV Control Room.

    A visit to observe @HartCouncil shared CCTV services with @RushmoorCouncil Control Room this evening. Feels good to see officers who are very knowledgeable on gdpr and our privacy. But also makes me feel safer seeing the quality of the camera’s images in our towns like #Yateley

  • Yateley Town Council – By-Election 7 June – Please vote Conservative

    Yateley Town Council – By-Election 7 June Please support our Town Council candidate. He will make a great contribution to Darby Green. #yateley Town Council.

  • HART Local plan update

    4.1.18 HDC Full Council – Item 9 PROPOSED SUBMISSION VERSION OF THE HART LOCAL PLAN: STRATEGY AND SITES 2016-2032 – My Vote HDC Minutes of the full council meeting are here: I voted against, after two motions I had voted For, which were voted down. Had these items got traction, I would then support the council position.…

  • Hampshire County Election results 2017

    I was very pleased with the results I achieved with our local campaign. A lot closer than the previous run and we understand the incumbent has a very large personal following built over 33 years and not my 4 years of campaigning. Yateley East & Blackwater –Election results Candidate             …

  • Urnfield Appeal Allowed – up to 150 houses will be built off Mousham lane

    Urnfield Development Allowed:   It is sad to report that the Urnfield Development application has been allowed by the planning inspector. The decision can be found here:–1158449.pd What a shocker, apart from being of historical interest and a wildlife haven and floodplain, to build 150 homes, creating a movement of probably 300 vehicles would…